Step-by-step Execution

SystemTestPortal guides you through the execution process of a test sequence or test case step-by-step. Every test step can produce an individual result.

Organize test cases within test sequences

Group several test cases into one test sequence. This allows you to execute them one after another in only one execution process.

View the changes of your test cases

Get an overview of the changes in a test case or test sequence. Take a look at the commit messages, severity and age.

View and filter protocols

Through choosing a test case or test sequence an overview of all existing protocols of the selected test case or test sequence will appear.

Filter these protocols by result system variants and system versions.

Get in touch with others

Projects have a commenting and assignment system for users to communicate and organise workload.

Roles and Permissions

Users in a project have dynamically changeable roles that define the access rights.

Authorized members in a project can set which features (e.g. editing/creating tests) are available for each role.

Export and Print

The instructions of a test execution and test results are printable and exportable to pdf and markdown.

And there is more to come …

We have tons of exciting features on our roadmap for future releases.

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