About this project

SystemTestPortal was initiated as a research project of the Institute of Software Technology at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2018, it is continued as community project.

SystemTestPortal was developed by two teams.

The second team

The second team took over the work of the first team to improve SystemTestportal with new features and revamp of old features. Nine students, two student mentors and three supervisors formed the team:


The first team

SystemTestPortal started as a student project at the Institute of Software Technology at the University of Stuttgart in Spring 2017. The first core team consisted of seven students and three supervisors:



We are an open project and, thus, welcome contributions from the community. You can always report bugs and discuss feature requests on our public issue tracker. Or you send us an e-mail with your recomendations.

We also welcome code contributions. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with our contributor guidelines.


The easiest and fastest way to get in touch with us is by using our aforementioned public issue tracker. If you have enquires that you do not want to discuss in public please open an issue using the “confidential” flag. If you have urgent matters and do not feel comfortable with using our issue tracker at all, please contact the initiator of the project directly.