Build your first test suite in minutes and grow it over time.


SystemTestPortal is free (FLOSS) software available under the GPLv3 license.

No clutter

SystemTestPortal has been written from scratch and avoids the use of unnecessary libraries and frameworks.

100% pure web

Any common web browser is sufficient on the client side. No need to install any mobile apps.


Being a small web application written in Go(lang), SystemTestPortal runs great on low-end hardware.


Work effectively in teams by sharing and discussing test results with ease.


Need to test something on-the-go? Our responsive design UI allows you to access the portal on your mobile device from anywhere.


No need to trust some cloud service - choosing SystemTestPortal, you keep your test data in a place you trust.


The server part runs on Linux, Windows, MacOS, BSD and more, supporting most common architectures (x86, ARM, POWER, OMAP…) as well.