Release of SystemTestPortal 2.0 on the horizon

November 21, 2018

Finally, the long-awaited release of v2.0 is getting very close. We just pushed out the tag for SystemTestPortal v2.0.0-rc7 and seek your feedback during our final testing rounds.

SystemTestPortal v2.0 brings a whole bunch of exciting new features and enhancements over the v1.x series. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Support for integration in CI/CD systems (deploy only when manual testing was successful) including a sample implementation for GitLab.
  • User-specific dashboards
  • New activity tab, showing off what happened recently in your projects
  • Searching and sorting directly in the dashboard
  • Option to open issues in 3rd-party systems (such as Gitlab) if a test case failed
  • Optional compact view that saves precious screen real-estate on smaller displays
  • Anonymization of users, configurable imprint/privacy policy and other GPDR-compliance improvements
  • Profile pictures (avatars) for users

More details? Check out our complete changelog and the lists of resolved issues available here and here!