Workshop proposal and Stand accepted at Tübix 2018!

May 10, 2018

We have great news for all testers in the “Ländle” (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) - the two proposals we submitted for Tübix were both accepted! Thus, we will offer both a 110-minutes-workshop and a stand at Tübix on June, 9.

In case you never heard about Tübix: It’s probably the greatest event for everybody interested in Linux and free software from the area of Stuttgart. This one-day event is located in the wonderful city of Tübingen, offers a lot of intesting talks and great opportunities to meet local hackers.

The entrance is free and the organizers devote a lot of their free time to make this event happen. They usually have great demand for helpers, so if you want to give something back to the community answer their call!

To sum it up: If you are into free software and live in the Ländle the Tübix is definitely a MUST-GO for you! If you are going to Tübix and are interested in testing, attend our workshop or visit our stand.