New team members for follow-up project acquired

February 15, 2018

Our project started as a student project back in April last year. It was designed for a runtime of 12 months. As with all free software projects based on students’ work, once the project reaches its designated end as defined by the scholar program, the team will transform from study-motivated collaborators to voluntary collaborators. Since the timetables of students are usually pretty full, there is the risk of future development activities to slow down. As we wanted to keep up the pace of our project, we decided to initiate a follow-up student project.

We are very happy to announce that our proposition was well-received! Although we were facing 8 “competing” projects from other organizers, all slots available in our project have been booked out within seconds! If everything goes as planned, the follow-up project will take off in the first days of April. We have a blast of ideas for new features in our backlog, and we are keen on getting them implemented in this upcoming, new phase.

To lay grounds for the new team to take over, we will use the last iteration to clean up the codebase and to update the developer documentation. In addition, we will organize a social event between members of the first and members of the second team. We are thrilled to continue on our path, making SystemTestPortal an even better product through the upcoming months.