Presentation at FOSDEM

February 3, 2018

Daniel presented SystemTestPortal to a broader audience in the Automation and Testing devroom at FOSDEM today! For our project, this was the first event of this kind, and we are proud that we actually made it directly to FOSDEM!

The talk was well-received by the attendees, and we received a number of feature requests. We learned that community members prefer to use docker in order to test-drive new (web) applications, and, thus, we will seriously consider providing a docker image in the near future.

Furthermore, we received a number of skeptical questions regarding the difference between SystemTestPortal and “similar” projects such as However, after investigating these projects we found that they provide dashboards for displaying test results from automated tests. This might have minor similarities with the way our result presentation is planned, however, our tool is not about visualizing automated tests but about managing manual and semi-automated tests.

The only free and open source project we are aware of that is similar to our system is KiwiTCMS. Luckily, Alexander - the founder of KiwiTCMS amd core team member - attended FOSDEM as well, so Daniel took the opportunity to discuss differences between our projects and evaluate possible future collaboration areas with him.